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Join us! 

Graduate student opportunities

I am recruiting 1-2 Masters students to start in the Fall of 2025. The deadline for Villanova's Biology MSc program (to be considered for funding) is February 1st. 

Prospective students should contact Dr. Ziegler to discuss application preparation, synergy of research interests, and compatibility of mentoring/working styles. 
To discuss MSc opportunities in the lab, please email Dr. Ziegler the following:

  • a brief summary of your research experience and motivation for pursuing graduate school (i.e., how does it fit into your long term goals)

  • potential projects you are interested in and how synergy among our research interests have the potential to jumpstart a mentee-mentor symbiosis

  • your CV

Undergraduate student opportunities

Villanova undergraduates interested in the Coastal Ecology and Conservation Lab research are encouraged to email Dr. Ziegler about working in the lab.*

Please include a brief statement overviewing your research interests, how these fit into your long-term goals**, your availability, and a CV/resume.


Priority is given to those students who can commit to 4-6 hours a week and/or multiple semesters. This enables mentees to move beyond introductory tasks and take the lead on an independent research project (i.e., senior thesis).


We’ll be looking for 1-2 undergraduates to join the lab midway through the Fall 2024 semester & Spring 2025!



*The process of seeking out undergraduate research opportunities can be elusive and is considered a part of the ‘hidden curriculum’ of academia. Here's a resource geared towards undergraduates for cold-emailing and initiating the process of finding a research lab.


**No worries if long-term goals aren’t ironed out! Passions evolve – This is more for identifying synergy among our broader interests and setting up an effective holistic mentoring plan.

Postdoctoral opportunities

​No funded positions are currently available. Dr. Ziegler is happy to co-develop grant ideas and sponsor fellowship applications (e.g., NSF-OCE, NSF-PRFB, Smith Conservation Fellows, etc.).

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