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Current students (UGA 2023-2024)


Elianna Fox

Elianna is a 4th year pursuing at B.S. in Biology with an area emphasis in Marine Biology at UGA. For her senior thesis Elianna is examining the spatial variation in resource use of the Atlantic mud crab (Panopeus herbstii) across the South Atlantic Bight using stable isotope analysis. During her time in the lab she has also worked on projects examining the prevalence of black gill disease in White Shrimp along the coast of Georgia and the foraging behavior of mud crabs (Panopeus herbstii). 

Hanna Demmler

Hannah is a 2nd year Honor's student majoring in Biochemistry at the University of Georgia. For her research, she will be examining the role of parasite presence and intensity on the function of an ecosystem engineer. To test this she will examine filtration capacity by individual oysters and then use quantitative PCR to assess the presence of protozoan parasites Perkinsus marinus and Haplosporidium nelsoni.

Camy Teichman

Camy is a 2nd year at the University of Georgia pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Ecology. She is interested in marine systems and specifically oyster reef community ecology. Camy initially assisted on a variety of projects in the lab to better hone her research interests. Her main project focuses on the relationship between 

macroparasite co-infection on oyster health. 


Jordan Cutts

Jordan is an undergraduate in the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia. She interested in socio-ecological interactions, science communication and ecological restoration. She began working in the lab assisting on multiple projects including shucking oysters for DNA extractions, running condition analyses and conducting filtration experiments. Jordan also assisted with spatial analyses on the impacts of land use change on oyster reefs using tools in arcGIS. 


Henry Traynor

Henry is a 2nd year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Ecology and Applied Mathematics at the University of Georgia. Henry is interested in food web ecology and using quantitative tools to understand ecological communities. Henry will be assisting with stable isotope analysis of oyster reef communities focusing on comparing the resource use and trophic niche of Bonnethead sharks and red drum in North Carolina.

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